Sunday, November 10, 2013

i've got a secret....

....but ii cant && wont tell! ..yet ;)

soo. apart from my new style of typing, i'm pushing myself to do more treatments during the day. which is new for me. shouldnt be, sad ii know, but it is. deal w it :)
anyways, i'm trying for 3x a day. vest + cayston 3x a day, that is. pulmozyme once still (even though my dr said it can be done twice .. ii would be ordering it all the damn time if ii did that). && hts twice still. i'm hoping that it will increase my lung function to a number that will be "comfortable" enough for me on a daily basis. i'm so uncomfortable right now && all i'm doing is sitting here. typing.
ii did just attempt to tidy up my room, however. it really raised my heart rate && ii barely did much. picked up trash, rearranged some stuff, rearranged kitty's food/water, put clothes away, etc.

cant wait for our change....

the past 48hrs i've required oxygen pretty much the whole time. && ii really dont mind it. kinda wish ii was allowed to use it 24/7. def would make my life just a smidgen easier. but.. i'm not there. YET. however, since ii used it for quite awhile, it has helped. ii feel much better. i'm more positive, new outlook on this thing, feel like ii can breathe better (that may also be because i'm finally allowed breathing treatments .. H0SPITAL F00LS). the whole 2weeks ii was in, my dr wouldnt give me my breathing treatments. who does that?! he's really pissing me off lately. no way am ii letting that happen again! cuz it feels like those 4antibiotics didnt do a damn thing for me. not without any breathing treatments. idk how he could be so irresponsible.

so i've started something today. on tumblr, insta, && twitta! its called the ddlovato project && ii edited all of the pics && thought of all of the quotes. ii got the idea just from following +Demi Lovato's life w battling self-image issues/cutting patterns. she's so strong && i'm obsessed w her! i'll post the pic ii posted earlier:

soo lastnight michael took me on a date night && we went out to see TH0R2! it was UHmazing!!!! he's just so hawt. && then we ate at red robin :) it felt so nice to just have a legal beer w dinner. yumm.

NetFlix recommendations: one tree hill

good wishes. good vibes. good thoughts. && so it is.