What CF has caused

my list of ailments include:

                           |                          |                           |                          |                       |        
                      MRSA                 anemia                 CFRD                 CFAA               polyps

MRSA: its a horrible staff infection that has been in my lungs ever since my very first PICC line was placed 7years ago. I honestly believe that I got it from that hospital (which is a different one than I go to now).

anemia: iron deficency. I personally dont really notice a difference or anything.

Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes: I developed it 5years ago && it happened because certain steroids in my CF meds killed most of the islet cells in my pancreas, now making me dependent on insulin.

Cystic Fibrosis Associated Arthritis: it can happen anytime I'm sick, but I've only had 2big flare ups. its really surprising cause I feel like I'm alwaaays sick!

polyps: because of these I havent been able to smell for well over a year now && I never really thought anything of it til now. I dont mind not being able to smell, but I guess they need to be corrected before they get out of hand. they also cause my nose to run all. the. time.

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