Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1day early!

Alright, I'm posting this a day early because tomorrow.... I get my very first port!! :)
As you can see, I'm excited. But also.. very nervous - on account of the overdosing of narcotics I explained in my previous  post. But my doctor, nurses, boyfriend, && family have all been trying to reassure me about it that I'm actually getting excited now.

Some of you may already know what that means. But a port is a small implanted tube that goes to my heart, like the PICC does. But it'll be in me all the time. You will be able to see it on the outside of my chest, but hardly. This way whenever I come into the hospital, I wont have to have any IV's or PICC's anymore. For which, I am excited about! Cuz to me, the IV's are the WORST part.

So back to the reason of me posting a day early.. when I get these kind of procedures, they put me on adivan. && it makes me very groggy&&loopy. At this time, my phone&&computer is not the best idea, lol.

Its wednesday now && my estimated release date is FRIDAY!!!! I'm getting stir crazy in here! I feel like I've watched everythangg on NetFlix alreadyyy.

As far as getting healthier when I get out, I have a treadmill lined up. My sister's dad is lending me one until I dont need it anymore. I never thought the day would come where I got excited about working out.. hahaha ;) I've also gotten lots of tips on some healthier options of foods. Definitely ready to start putting my words into actions!



  1. I'm starting to work out too, just got a treadmill. You can do it! Also, congrats (kinda) on getting a port. Its a bummer to have surgery, but I love my port! It makes life so much easier for me. I hope it helps you too! Good Luck and I will be following your blog!

    1. Yeah I'm still getting used to my port. I take the bandage off tomorrow actually :) Pretty nervous..
      But thankyouu for checking out my blog!