Thursday, July 11, 2013

fact: summer is hot ☀

I knew I felt something missing today && I finally figured it out.... blog day!

so I'm at home now, doing IVs, && I'm soo glad to be out of the hospital! I was really hesitant at first about it. because I'd rather just finish it all in the hospital than stressing over (&& missing) doses in the comfort of my own home.. sounds weird. but its not!

speaking of which.. ever since I got my iPhone, I've been able to make more videos for my YouTube account && I even made a vid about such-ish things

  • when I got to the hospital, my fev1 was 32% .. a new low for me.                                          but when I left, it was 45% .. a new best for me!

  • also when leaving the hospital, the dude who "transported" me to the lobby in a wheelchair, went to highschool w me! weird right?

after IVs (which is hopefully tuesday), I get to start all of my testing that will result in whether or not me getting listed for transplant. && I'm excited, but also very frustrated w myself. frustrated because I'm doing the same shit that I always do - procrastination && lack of drive. I have the motivation, a lot of it actually, I just always stall. but I just need to suck it up && push myself because my biggest fear throughout all of this is N0T the transplant itself. no, its the fact that they wont take me seriously && wont think that I really want this && deny me lungs.. which will result in something terrible. that is my biggest fear. && I cannot let that happen.
tomorrow I am making calls!

moving onto something easier to talk about - art journaling. I did it once for art in highschool && this lady from my hospital offered it to me again the day I got discharged. I'm a creative type && looove art && journaling, so its pretty much the best of both worlds :)

&&&& back to phones.. I (long story short) accidentally changed my phone #.
the reason was this.. I went to the store && got a new phone activation card for my phone, just like I do every month. I have straight talk, dont judge. so anyways, I went to type in the service pin into my account online (&& this was the first time doing so since I got my new iPhone). the serial # for my old phone was still in my account info && I knew it looked wrong, but I was like "maybe it isnt...." well it was. && I activated service on a non-working, old phone. so I tried switching it to a "new phone" but it wasnt working && then somehow I changed my number, so that really screwed things up (especially when I finally decided to call customer service for help). I thought I changed my # to something else than it is now.. so technically I think I did it twice. this is my life.. its like when I accidentally changed our internet service && racked up the bill, when I was like 11, all over again!

NetFlix recommendations: New Girl

good thoughts. good wishes. good vibes. && so it is.

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