Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quick Update.

well I'm in the hospital again && I've been here a week. but I'm about to get out! && not only will I be going home, but without homeIVs :) no need

when I got admitted, it was mainly because of my anxiety. my anxiety is so powerful over me, I hate it. but my doctors up'd basically all of my anxiety meds && I've been feeling a lot better.

the internet has been a lot more cooperative lately soo thats a major plus. I came in w more movies/tv shows already on my comp than last time, but still.. when all you do is sit here, watching things gets really old && you can blow thru so much in like no time at all. 

the nurses have been kind of weird this admission.. or maybe its me. I know I've been a little different. I've been way more paranoid than I usually am. so I've been questioning a lot of their methods. but I dont think what I've been questioning is all that bad. like.. 2 of my meds run every 8hrs right? well they dont wait that long. I understand the 1hr before/1hr after window that they can give (even though I dont agree w it), but they once ran a dose only 6hrs after the last one ran. && for an every 12hr dose of an inhaled med, the RT tried to give it to me only 5 && a half hrs after I did the last one.... that kind of stuff freaks me out because they give those directions for a reason soo how can you change that?

my babe stayed the night w me lastnight :) he showed up w a rose && lots of treats! we watched our shows/movies, cuddled, && talked. it was perfect.
good wishes. good vibes. good thoughts. && so it is.

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