Monday, October 28, 2013

hospital admission #917365478468461764816416819

yepp, I'm in the hospital again. I've been here about a week now && was already debating coming in a few days prior, but what really sent me in was that I was puking/coughing up plugs of mucus w straight blood. there was no green whatsoever, just redness. what the really weird thing was? was that I wasnt worried or scared by it. it was just happening && I just sat there like.. huh. my boyfriend was the one who was like "ohk, you need to call someone NOW." so we went into the ER at like 3am && didnt get into a normal room until 9am.
its been a hard week. I havent been able to eat that much && when I do, I usually cant keep it down.. I'm on 3different antibiotics (plus one for shingles) && it really takes a toll on my body. they always make me nauseous && the med they're giving me for my nausea, knocks me out 3x a day soo all I do is sleep. which would be fine, but I'm also a diabetic remember, so I have to wake up to check my bloodsugar n stuff.

but anyways, Michael is here now && staying w me a couple nights. which makes me soo happy! he's sleeping && I'm blogging. suh cute ;)

( your life is your message to the world )

its supposed to be vlogtober as I mentioned before, but I've really been failing at vlogging everyday. I think I've done it like 5times.. MAYBE.

NetFlix recommendations: Glee

good wishes. good vibes. good thoughts. && so it is.

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