Thursday, May 9, 2013

l ♥ v e

well lately I've been receiving a lot of random love from friends. && its so lovely :)

I cant even begin to thank my loved ones, acquaintances, && ppl I dont even know yet for reading my posts, blog entrys, viewing my CF pictures, && sending me their love && keeping me in their thoughts! its truly amazing.

I dont know how more times I'll say it.. but I know I've said it many times before, everyday I ask myself why didnt I get more involved in the CF community earlier. honestly, ever since I've opened up about it, I've received nothing but positivity && encouragement. yes theres been a couple tiffs w other CF'rs about different lifestyles, outlooks, etc.. but mostly, I'm lovin it.

speaking of which, if you have been following me then you've seen my posts/pictures for CF awareness month. I've been posting a pic everyday on instagram&&facebook (didnt include twitter because of its lame 140 character limit) to raise awareness. I look forward to it every morning when I wake up && get to inform someone who didnt already know about certain aspects of the disease. I've heard nothing but great feedback. && I'm always surprised by how many ppl want to learn more about it. makes me happy :)

when it comes to CF, theres decent breathing days && then theres bad breathing days.. today I am borderline. its tough when it gets like this because it makes me wanna be extra lazy && just not do anything that might put me out of breath. but at the same time, I also want to exercise my lungs so that I dont plummet. per usual.
&& so I just decided that I will do the latter. walk time it is.. byeee :)

good thoughts. good vibes. good wishes. && so it is.


  1. Natalie,

    Keep up the community outreach! I love the attitude you display. Keeping kicking CF butt cyster :)