Friday, February 22, 2013

treatments. treatments. treatments.

as I'm sitting here doing my vest I realized I hadnt even blogged today! so I'm dedicating this weeks entry to.. treatments :)

my daily routine consists of: 2puffs twice a day of combivent inhaler, 1neb of pulmozyme, every other month I do a pari neb of cayston 3x a day, && 1vest session of 20mins. I know I need to do my vest at least twice a day, so starting tomorrow it'll be the first thing I do when I wake up. promise :)

yesterday I got my port flushed for the very first time since having it put in && I was a nervous wreck. I almost canceled && rescheduled just so I could push it off another day, but I've been trying to get out of that type of mindset for awhile now && cant be afraid of the things that could potentially save my life. I dont care how much I may not enjoy it, this whole disease I was born w is much bigger than just me. && I honestly think it would be so selfish of me to not try everything in my power to keep myself healthy && living as long as I possibly can, when it comes right down to it. I owe everybody that.

so like I've said before, I have only been honestly open about my cf since last month && I've met so many new ppl w this disease online. && I've only known a couple in person.  but I didnt realize how much of an effect it would have on me until I tried it. I didnt know it could help so much in just the little I've done. I hope to someday help somebody else w this disease. whether it be just by lending an open ear, or volunteering w the foundation.



  1. Hi Natalie,

    I agree VEST twice a day!!!! You will notice a difference. I VEST twice a day as well and love it. As far as your treatment, I see no hypertonic saline in there! I just started using HTS about a few montths ago and I wish I had started on this years ago. I LOVE it that is an understatement!!!!

    My lungs thank me 1000 times over becasue this HTS really clears them out and its a great way to start my morning with clear wind bags. So if you have never used HTS i suggest picking up the phone and making a call to your clinic to at least try HTS for a little while. I would recommend using it the morning while vesting this way you can cough the junk out through the day :)

    So that is my 5 min sales pitch on HTS. I have actually sold other cysters and fibros to start using this and they love it as well.

    I hope you are feeling well and keep kicking and fighting cyster!

    1. I'm actually supposed to.. but I haaaaate hts! I can take a lot of salt on my food n such, but its just much too much for me. it makes it all raspy && sore on my throat when I cough. my dr's just know by now that I dont do it at home. but in the hospital, I do it twice a day.

    2. So if I am reading this right you do HTS when you are in the hospital? Do you notice a difference in moving out the mucus?

      I want to make a few can do what you want with them :) I know you can also get HTS in the 3% instead of the regular 7% form. I have heard that the 3% form of HTS is a lot more tolerable for cfers who hate the 7% form. I would ask your doctor/nurse about the 3% HTS.

      For me, I have found that doing HTS once in the morning when I am vesting is all I need. I tried doing HTS twice a day once in the morning and once at night but the night treatment was making me cough A LOT in the night. So I figured lets just try to do HTS in the morning and let HTS work in me through the day.

      Let me tell you have I noticed a BIG difference in my lungs and how they feel these last few months. I honestly will never ever give HTS up. So I guess I am trying to sell you on giving HTS a try at least once a day at home in the morning. Try to use the 3% solution to see if that helps.

      Well hopefully I didn't put to much of a sales pitch on you Natlie :)

      Take care cyster!!