Thursday, February 7, 2013


its that time!

so tomorrow will mark 2weeks that I've been out of the hospital.. I actually have a CF appt tomorrow afternoon now that I think about it. but I finally took off all of the bandages on my port so its kinda freaky for me to look at && see, but also cool..

I can barely feel it anymore! when I first got home I didnt even wanna move at all, for fear it would wiggle out. I'm getting more&&more use to it && comfortable w it. at first I would have these waves of total regret && just wanted to rip it out or ask if I could get it taken out but those went away ;) thank gosh.

I admit my sleep pattern is pretty much back to how it was before I went into the hospital.... except that I'm going to bed earlier than before! like I've been trying to go to bed by midnight at least. so thats a start. but I still wake up late anyways.. I think I need to set an alarm in the mornings just to wake me up && make myself STAY up. then I'll get back on track right. but on the bright side, I've began to use my "old lady" pill box again. I know I need to use it, it just keeps me on track. I have bad anxiety issues && forget to take my pills sometimes. I freak myself out by going back n forth on whether or not I took em already. because I think of what could happen if I take em twice in a day..

I started vlogging! my youtube channel is called CF advocate<3. I only have 1video thus far, but I'm hoping to continue w it. I think it'll be cool blogging&&vlogging because its different to read about my life, but to see it as well :)

my boyfriend, Michael, got an air purifier for our room. I like it a lot actually. it may be all in my head, but it instantly made it feel like the air was just cleaner&&better! which I understand is the point ;) he's so good to me && has been so amazing thru this whole relationship. I know its hard to take all of my sickness on, but he's been so great. I was truly blessed when he fell into my life. I couldnt even imagine asking for anything better<3

random thought: lastnight I had the craziest dream about my back getting skinned so bad (by this group of guys) that you could see my whole rib cage. guess thats what I get for falling asleep to criminal minds ;)



  1. So glad you are doing well at home cyster!! I love pill boxes. I only use a pill box to carry with me for my enzymes. Makes me look like a pill popper. Oh that's right I have a disease.

    And as far as your boyfriend he seems like keeper.anyone who loves us for us deserves a pat on the back. Give him a pat in the back for me!!

    Keep kicking CF butt cyster!!

  2. thanks fibro! means a lot to me that ppl actually read my blog.
    && yes, I got quite lucky w him :)

  3. Your port looks good, girl! Haha I need to get me one of them pill boxes! I keep looking at them at work, but never just pick one out and buy it. You're lucky to have a good boyfriend, he sounds wonderful!

    P.S. I am in love with your cat, he is super cute!!<3

    1. thanks, girl! I really appreciate it :)

  4. I love criminal minds-definitely my favorite tv show haha.

  5. I think everyone is apprehensive at first about their port. As soon as I woke up from the surgery I thought "Oh god. What have I done?" and started crying haha But I love my port now and am so glad that I got it. :)