Thursday, June 20, 2013


so the time has come.. this is my last post til my appt in seattle on monday!

I've been soo stressed the past couple of days trying to get my insurance to cover some expenses for our trip, but to no avail. basically we cut it too close && didnt have enough time to get everything together that we need to in order for them to pay for ga$ vouchers && lodging. we definitely can for next appt! but that doesnt help us now.. :/

omg my cat is being a lil terrorizing shithead!

this has been such a bad week for me. I'm actually not even looking forward to this appt atm. I honestly cant wait til its over.. thats how stressed I am.
I really need my girls night tomorrow w J Bish!

so I recently took up crocheting && I've been making a purple infinity scarf for one of my cysters. its actually pretty easy now that I got it down && its turning out great :)

I actually learned the technique from a YouTube tutorial. go figure right? where most people get their tutorials now-a-days. but if it works, it works!

I'm on row 8or9 (April) && my goal was september butttt I think I'm almost done :)

ah! so I created a facebook 'like' page last friday called Natalie's Hope && I already have soo much feedback on it.. it really blew up way more than I ever expected it to! sometimes I think no one even cares about my life, then things like this happen && I'm reminded all over again that there still are people out there who do :)

the only thing I dont get about the page is '89 people talking about this' because I've gotten a couple shares of my page, but 89 people are N0T talking about my page soo I dont get it, haha..

 so lately I've been torn between hanging on to certain relationships or cut them loose && the battle continues.. always w new people. this one really stings though && they dont even care. && part of me wants them to not care so that I'm reminded why I dont want to associate w that type of person. every aspect of my life is a contradiction && theres nothing I can do about it.

good thoughts. good wishes. good vibes.

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