Thursday, June 13, 2013


seattle appt in 10days.. got my iPhone.. think I'm gonna make it to my hospital goal..
life is good :)

alright so as you can see abo^e my seattle appt is in just 10days! I still have to call about certain details.. like pretty much all of em :/
so I'm planning on getting the packet from my mama tomorrow or something!

&& I finally got my iPhone! also as you can see from abo^e..
I'm already pretty in-tune to it, l0l. but thats just my generations fault ;)

these are the apps I have thus far:

so on monday me && Michael finally go to celebrate our 1yr anniversary :) this is the longest && best relationship I've ever been in! our day consisted of: the beach, pressies, the mall, bowling, playing in the arcade at the bowling alley, seeing The Great Gatsby, then dinner at a chinese buffet! we had so much fun. my favorite part of the day was either when we played air-hockey after bowling or seeing the movie. we got super into air-hockey.. it was great.

so I'm going to close this post w some ranting, so this is my warning if you dont want to continue to read this:

I've posted something kind of like this before on here back in april? but I feel like its something I'll always be voicing my opinion on.. which the opposite types of people will probably feel the same.
but anyways, I really dont get how people can just totally ignore everyones elses feelings && not care about one another anymore. our society is soo hypocritical. they get hurt && think its the worst when their feelings are crushed && things are said in a negative what about them, but when they bash others they think its okay? makes NO sense to me! why cant we all be nice? why arent we equal anymore? words hurt && more people need to realize that. soo many people are mean && just plain fake now-a-days that its just so hard to even trust anyone && makes all the "real" people stay at home && isolate themselves in their own little bubble. which makes it hard to find others who are real....

good thoughts. good wishes. good vibes.
&& so it is.



  1. Girl, you are so inspirational! :) Keep fighting, cyster!

    1. aww, well arent you a peach!
      thanks cysta, x