Monday, June 24, 2013

Special Edition: Seattle Trip #1 - Part 2

today started off even earlier than yesterday.. 645am to be exact! I rolled over this morning to check the time && my alarm went off just as I picked it up. literally. our appt was @ 8 so I wanted to give us plenty of time even though we were just a couple of blocks away. well, we ended up being there 1min early. go figure. I'm never on time for appts.. but my brother came && stayed w us lastnight so that we all could go to the appt together && be a lot less scrambling around. so we were rushing to the appt && before long I got winded but kept going because this was the most important appt I've ever had (including when I was diagnosed), in my opinion.

when we were greeted by the first lady, I was pretty nervous. I just kept thinking of a recent blog post from a fellow cyster of mine && her experience w pre-lung transplant nurses/dr's scolding her. this lady was kind of rude in my opinion && yeah she probably had a reason to (I forgot to bring a med list w me), but I still was freaking out on the inside just waiting for it to happen. it never did, the rest of the team were really nice which really eased some of my nerves. some.

they did a little more initial testing than I was lead to believe, which was good. to me atleast. the testing consisted of a 6min walking test, urine, sputum, && blood work (w a lot of viles). they wanted to draw from my port first off but I asked to do it from my arm. thank goodness I changed my mind, much much easier from the port. of course they weighed me, listened to my heart/chest, took my blood pressure/temperature, && looked inside of my mouth&&nose. I talked to 2 transplant dr's && a transplant coordinator. the coordinator is going to give me a check-list of tests that can be done in my city at home. once those are all done, I'll have to come back down to seattle to finish the ones that can only be done here. they made it sound like there isnt any red flags for me, so far, to prevent me from getting listed && hopefully it stays that way because I could use a break!

at one point when I was talking to the 2nd transplant dr, he asked me what I wanted out of this transplant. I felt about 5different pairs of eyes on me && got so nervous&&overwhelmed that I got really hot, flustered, && almost cried. I just couldnt articulate myself. && I didnt want them thinking that I was taking any of this lightly or that I wouldnt appreciate what a gift these lungs would be. I think I got my point across okay in the end though, which is the most important.

( Mazie - I want to steal her! )

after the appt, we dropped my brother off at his car then me && my mom went to see my grandma in tacoma. it had been almost a year since I saw her last && about 4ish years since I'd been to her house. we got to see her newish pup, catch up, && fill her in on my appt. my brother came by later so we all could spend time together.

we're leaving first thing in the morning && as much as I love coming over to the seattle area, I am ready to be back home! I was nauseous all day && had a tad bit of home-sickness, even though I was w family. that usually doesnt happen. maybe I just need to cuddle my mama tonight :)

( 4 generations )

good thoughts. good wishes. good vibes.


  1. I am inspired by your strength, and your ability to seemingly always look on the bright side of life. Your struggle, and the fact that you are able to view it the way that you do gives me hope. Continue to be a beacon in this dark world. :)

    1. aw thanks so much! do you have CF as well?

    2. No maam, I do not. Just been going through some hard times lately, and your Outlook on life makes me realize nothing's that Bad!