Thursday, March 28, 2013

breaking old habits?

soo my day started out w missing a new dr's appt :/ it was at 1:15 && I got up at noon to start getting ready. I was almost done && checked the time, it was 1min past when my appt was supposed to start. now if I lived closer, it prob wouldnt have been a big deal. but since I'm the next city over, it takes 20-30mins to get there depending on traffic. so I had to reschedule. it was w an ear, nose, && throat doctor about a polyp in my left nostril && possible sinusitis. since I havent been able to smell anything in over a yr && my nose just runs constantly, they think it has something to do w it. whats weird is not my doctor but my dr's partner is the one who discovered it. yes my dr always looks in my nose every appt, but I've also brought up these symptoms to him too && he never caused an alarm so I didnt think much of it. I've heard of a lot of sinus surgeries throughout the cf community && always thought to myself "I'm so lucky I dont have that to add onto all of my ailments." now I'm not saying I need surgery or that was even brought up, but it would suck if it got to that point....

( deaccessed shot )
now onto daily life. since I just ended home IVs && am not sick anymore, I've been feeling kinda restless && just wanna be doing things around the house. like I've done some laundry from our mountain of a pile of dirty laundry in our closet, did the dishes lastnight, cleaned my bottle sterilizer that I'm gonna use once again to sterilize my mouth pieces, cleaned the microwave inside&&out, && thinking about attacking the bathroom as well. I was just cooped up in my room for so long trying to get better that now that I'm able, I dont wanna just sit around anymore.
I'm also going to make myself go downstairs && talk to the guy below us to see if we could possibly get a treadmill up in dis bish ;) I'm sure it'll be fine if I explain my situation && promise to only do it in like the middle of the day so its not as loud or annoying. he seems pretty chill anyways.

besides cleaning, I've also been hanging out w some friends more. I know that once ppl get into serious relationships pretty much all of their free time goes into spending it w their significant other. && I'm guilty of that. we both know it, so occasionally we try to do things w our friends on our own. yesterday I made a day of it. first went && hung out w one of my bestfriends, Ashley. we painted my face like the one && only David Bowie.. or Ziggy Stardust rather ;) I went to my moms work afterwards && definitely got some looks. it was pretty funny when ppl on the freeway didnt know what to make of it. its kind of funny to think now that I really dont care what ppl think of me. back in highschool I was the most insecure, shy chick who cared waaaaaaay too much of what ppl thought. as you can see, thats not the case anymore! I actually have confidence && a way different personality....
then later on in the night, I went && hungout w my twin Allie. she's leaving for AZ soon && it was sad seeing her pack. our friend Grebes also came over && we had a tbell run && watched part of the movie Hick (NetFlix). all of us used to hangout everyday then life got in the way && we havent seen much of eachother lately.

gotta go finish laundry && cleeeeeeeeeeeean!



  1. LOVE the face paint!!! hope you make it to your next appt :) aaaand... I am happy for you that you are more comfortable in your own skin!!! such a fabulous thing to be (: Keep living and loving <3