Thursday, March 7, 2013

#cfawareness ♡

alright so as cf'rs && family members/friends of cf'rs, we all know that May is cf awareness month. which is coming up (obvi) && I'm excited about it because this is the first year I will be able to recognize it! so in addition to awareness month, cf also has a specific worldwide awareness day now - September 8th :) now I've also heard of 'cf awareness week.' but whenever I look that up, I keep seeing different dates in different countries.. so its kinda just vague when it comes to awareness week. although, one of my cysters posted online for her friends/family/fellow cf'rs to wear purple this monday the 11th in support of cf awareness week, so as far as I'm concerned thats it ;)

I've said this many times && I will continue to say it until a cure is found but.... like all awareness, cf awareness is soo important because to this date there IS NO CURE. && the more awareness we put out there && fundraising we do, the closer we get to finding a cure for this awful, messy, && tiring disease.

one of my cysters has a poem page online && about 2weeks ago, she told me that I inspired her to write one for me. I felt it was only fitting to post it here....

Life is hard
That is something all can agree
But for some life is harder
Because of something most can't see

For some every breath is a struggle
And they yearn just for air
When they look at other people
And they think it's not fair

But they don't show their pain
Instead they mask it with a smile
They show the world their best faces
When inside they feel vile

They feel like a burden
So they don't want to complain
They struggle to fight
Bound by the rose chain

People judge them for reasons
They don't understand
It's not like the roses
Were something they planned

When they know the routine
From all the times at their worst
When they can manage their treatments
Better than any nurse

I know it sounds sad
But that is the truth
For some they fight roses
And they've been fighting since youth

But during this fight
I have come to realize
Those with the roses
Are more than their masked guise

Rose children are beautiful
They have the best hearts
They are not quitters but fighters
This is what sets them apart

They know they might die
But they never give up the fight
They will fight for tomorrow
Even though tonight might be their last night

They fight their hardest
Until their very last breath
They are like a family
In life and in death

There is none more supportive
Than the rose children family
They will fight for a cure
So all can be free

Those affected by the roses
Are of their own kind
They are the most beautiful people
In body, heart, soul, and mind      


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